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Who’s Dr. Liu Yiping? This Simple Thing Can Prevent Cancer

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Dr. Liu Yiping, encouraged each person receiving this newsletter to forward it to another ten people, certainly at least one life will be saved … I’ve done my part, I hope you can help do your part. thanks!

Drinking hot lemon water can prevent cancer. Don’t add sugar. Hot lemon water is more beneficial than cold lemon water.

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Both yellow and purple sweet potato have good cancer prevention properties.

01. Often taking late night supper can increase the chance of stomach cancer

02. Never take more than 4 eggs per week

03. Eating pope’s nose (chicken backside) can cause stomach cancer

04. Never eat fruits after meal. Fruits should be eaten before meals

05. Don’t take tea during menstruation period.

06. Take less soy milk, no adding sugar or egg to soy milk

07. Don’t eat tomato with empty stomach

08. Drink a glass of plain water every morning before food to prevent gall bladder stones

09. No food 3 hrs before bed time

10. Drink less Teh Tarik, no nutritional properties but can cause diabetes and hypertension

11. Do not eat toast bread when it is hot from oven or toaster

12. Do not charge your handphone or any device next to you when you are sleeping

13. Drink 10 glasses of water a day to prevent bladder cancer

14. Drink more water in the day time, less at night

15. Don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day, may cause insomnia and gastric

16. Eat less oily food. It takes 5-7 hrs to digest them, makes you feel tired

17. After 5pm, eat less

18. Six types of food that makes you happy: banana, grapefruit, whole meal bread, spinach, pumpkin, peach.

19. Sleeping less than 8 hrs a day may deteriorate our brain function. Taking Afternoon naps may keep our youthful look.

Cooked tomato has better healing properties than the raw tomato.

Hot lemon water can sustain your health and make you live longer!

Hot lemon water kills cancer cells

Add hot water to 2-3 slices of lemon. Make it a daily drink

The bitterness in hot lemon water is the best substance to kill cancer cells.

Cold lemon water only has vitamin C, no cancer prevention.

Hot lemon water can control cancer tumor growth.

Clinical tests have proven hot lemon water works.

This type of Lemon extract treatment will only destroy the malignant cells, it does not affect healthy cells.

Next… citric acid and lemon polyphenol in side lemon juice, can help reduce high blood pressure, effective prevention of deep vein thrombosis, improve blood circulation, and reduce blood clots.

No matter how busy you are, please find the time to read this, then tell others to spread the love!

After reading, share with others to spread the love! To take good care of their own health!

21 Kids Were Asked To Describe Love. What They’ve Come Up With Will Leave You Speechless.

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love2When it comes to love, young people are often pigeonholed and told they should listen to their elders. Almost as if there’s a certain number of times you have to be wooed and heartbroken to know what true love is. But is that really the case?

Year after year, this story makes rounds on the Internet. No one seems to really know where it originally came from. The tale explains that a group of professionals interviewed kids, ages 4-8, asking them to explain what the word “love” means. After they finished, they were totally amazed and overwhelmed by how these little geniuses managed to capture the essence of true, unconditional love.

So no matter if it’s real or not, give it a read and maybe you will find the perfect description of the way you feel towards someone.

1. “Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday,” — Noelle, age 7.
2. “Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs,” — Chrissy, age 6.
3. “Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired,” — Terri, age 4.
4. “When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That’s love,” — Rebecca, age 8.
5. “When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you,” — Karen, age 7.
6. “Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other,” — Karl, age 5.
7. “Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day,” — Mary Ann, age 4.
8. “Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more. My Mommy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss,” — Emily, age 8.
love9. “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen,” — Bobby, age 7.
10. “When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth,” — Billy, age 4.
11. “Love is when Mommy gives Daddy the best piece of chicken,” — Elaine, age 5.
12. “You really shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget,” — Jessica, age 8.
13. “There are two kinds of love. Our love. God’s love. But God makes both kinds of them,” — Jenny, age 8.
14. “Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well,” — Tommy, age 6.
15. “Love is when Mommy sees Daddy on the toilet and she doesn’t think it’s gross,” — Mark, age 6.
16. “During my piano recital, I was on the stage and I was scared. I looked at all the people watching me and saw my daddy waving and smiling. He was the only one doing that. I wasn’t scared anymore,” — Cindy, age 8.
17. “Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK,” — Danny, age 7.
love318. “I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones,” — Lauren, age 4.
19. “My mommy loves me more than anybody. You don’t see anyone else kissing me to sleep at night,” — Clare, age 6.
20. “Love is when Mommy sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is handsomer than Robert Redford,” — Chris, age 7.
21. “If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate,” — Nikka, age 6.
What do you say and in the light of these, could you define love that can make the world a better place? Yours could make the moon say hi to the sun!

“Who Moved My Cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson: Chikamso, A Nigerian’s Best Summary

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     who-moved-my-cheeseWho Moved My Cheese


Who moved my cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson…

  • The Book Summary…

Dr. Spencer used four comical beings to explain four types of people..

  • … Not going to change
  • …Reluctant to change… (of which I personally termed late innovators).
  • … Ready to work towards change.
  • … Always finding the changes.

Sniff and Scurry are mice while Hem and Ham are little people (who didn’t believe that mere mice might be right and them wrong).

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  • Story Summary :

The beings found a cheese maze. They happily started to enjoy the cheese. One day, Sniff discovered that the cheese has reduced drastically and raised alarm about the time without the cheese. Scurry understood him and would set out every morning with Sniff to look for new cheese maze. They later found a big maze filled with better cheese and didn’t have problems when the cheese in the former maze finished….

Meanwhile, Hem and Ham didn’t agree with Sniff that the cheese in maze “A” will ever finish. But unlike Hem, Ham later set out to find how to cope with life after maze “A” cheese and found Sniff and Scurry. While Hem believed that the cheese in maze “A” will come back again and ended up starving.


In Nigeria today, Soludo is like Sniff, who sniffed out problems of over dependency on crude #oil. Unfortunately, we don’t have Scurry to act immediately. The governments before now were like Hem who believed the oil will be there forever.. Which has now led to the economy going into recession…

  • My Lesson Summary :
  • Change with time and according to circumstances by studying the situation at hand.
  • It is never too late to change.
  • Never “underestimate” the intelligence of anybody.
  • How to move on from change.
  • Always have a plan B (an alternative).
  • Nku onye kpara n’okochi ka O na-anya n’udu mmiri. #IgboProverb
  • Don’t wait for opportunities, create one.
  • Don’t wait until the 11th hour, you can start now, nevertheless it is better late than never.

Finally, a little bit of mine…. Courage is never lack of fear, but the ability to rise and conquer your fears…. And remember that the NIGHT is darkest just before DAWN…


Just like one of the listeners in the book, ask yourself…. Who am I? Sniff, scurry, Hem,or Ham?

Meet Chikamso Christian on Facebook

a.k.a #Muo_kamso


ANGER is one LETTER short of the word DANGER, the difference “D”  also starts the WORD DEATH……



The last wishes of Alexander the Great

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The last wishes of Alexander the Great
On his death bed, Alexander summoned his army generals and told them his three ultimate wishes:

1. The best doctors should carry his coffin …

2. The wealth he has accumulated (money, gold, precious stones) should be scattered along the procession to the cemetery …

3. His hands should be let loose, so they hang outside the coffin for all to see !!


One of his generals who was surprised by these unusual requests asked Alexander to explain .
Here is what Alexander the Great had to say :

1. “I want the best doctors to carry my coffin to demonstrate that in the face of death , even the best doctors in the world have no power to heal ..”

2. “I want the road to be covered with my treasure so that everybody sees that material wealth acquired on earth , will stay on earth..”

3. I want my hands to swing in the wind, so that people understand that we come to this world empty handed and we leave this world empty handed.

With these words, the king closed his eyes. Soon he let death conquer him and breathed his last. . . . Alexander, conqueror many kingdoms: his conquests, his great army, his sharp sword and all his wealth soon became inconsequential.

Some of His Quotes:

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.
There is nothing impossible to him who will try.
I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well
I had rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and dominion.
Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.
I am dying from the treatment of too many physicians.
Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.
How great are the dangers I face to win a good name in Athens.
If I were not Alexander, I should wish to be Diogenes.
I send you a kaffis of mustard seed, that you may taste and acknowledge the bitterness of my victory.



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hen-2Please imitate the “HEN”!!! ✔ *TEN POWERFUL LESSONS TO LEARN FROM THE HEN*

✔1. She first lays enough eggs before sitting on them

✔2. When she starts sitting on her eggs, she minimizes movements

✔3. She physically loses weight while sitting on her eggs due to decreased feeding

✔4. She can sit on eggs for another hen *- INDISCRIMINATION AND GENEROSITY.*

✔5. She sits on her eggs for twenty one (21) days, patiently waiting, even if they do not hatch, she will lay eggs again

✔6. She detects unfertilized eggs and rolls them out

✔7. She abandons the rotten eggs and starts caring for the hatched chicks even if it is only one


✔8. No one touches her chicks

✔9. She gathers all her chicks together

✔10. She cannot abandon her chicks before they mature

“Never Give Up in Sharing Good Messages & God bless you!!”

Best of Nollywood Awards (BON) 2016 Nominees: Emeka Amakeze Tops List

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The organizers of the Best of Nollywood Awards have released the list of nominees for the 2016 edition.
Speaking on the nominees list, Niran Adedokun, president of the BON jury, said the release followed weeks of screening of over 120 entries made up of feature films in English, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, ten short films, five documentaries and seven television series.
Adedokun also acknowledged the resilience of Nigerian filmmakers for defying the current harsh economic realities to sustain their creative activities.

This year’s edition of the BON awards shall be hosted by the executive governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ipkeazu.

This post celebrates Emeka Amakeze: the best script writer, an awesome Nollywood superstar and an ingenious Director whose emergence in this year’s BON Award with 11 Super nominations, is as a result of hard work, resilience, optimism and jagabanistic attitudinal disposition! This is a rugged gentleman and a classy gentle fellow. Congratulations as we wish you more spotlights on Hollywood and Nollywood!

Icheke Oku, an Igbo language film he screenplayed and directed trailed the blaze with eleven nominations.
 Congratulations to Nichole Banna, Executive Producer.
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emeka-amakaeze-film-49Here are the nominees:
• Best Actor in Leading Role (English)
• Wale Ojo in For The Wrong Reasons
• Alex Ekubo in The First Lady
• Patrick Leonard in Woeman
• Stan Eze in Not just Married
• Enyinna Nwigwe in Hire A Man
• Okey Uzoeshi in Something Wicked

• Best Actor in Leading Role (Yoruba)
• Femi Adebayo in Gbewiri Meta
• Niyi Johnson in Lifeline
• Muyiwa Ademola in Eni –Owo
• Lateef Adedimeji in Yeye Oge
• Yomi Fabiyi in Metomi

images-10• Best Actor in Leading Role (Hausa)
• Ali Nuhu in Gamu nan Dai
• Sadiq Dan Sadiq in Mat Da Lados

• Best Actor in Leading Role (Igbo)
• Bloosom Chukwujeku in Icheke Oku
• Amadi Magnus in Akaraaka




emeka-amakaeze-film-78• Best Actress in Leading Role (English)
• Omotu Bissong in Woeman
• Judith Audu in Not Just Married
• Ebube Nwagbo in Anniversary
• Belinda Effah in Oracle Online
• Omoni Oboli in The First Lady
• Iretiola Doyle in Something Wicked

• Best Actress in Leading Role (Yoruba)
• Mercy Aigbe in Victims
• Temitope Solaja in Lehin Ikoro
• Toyin Aimakhu in Metomi
• Wumi Toriola in Eni Owo
• Yewande Adegbenro in Yeye Oge
• Jumoke Odetola in Binta Ofege

• Best Actress in Leading Role (Igbo)
• Nichole Banna in Icheke Oku
• Adaeze Chiegbu in Akaraaka

emeka-amakaeze-film-67• Best Actress in Leading Role (Hausa)
• Jamila Umar in Kasata
• Rahama Sadau in Mati Da Lado

• Best Supporting Actor (English)
• I.K Ogbonna in Hire a man
• Nkem Owoh in Ghana Must Go
• Daniel K. Daniel in A Soldier’s story
• Seun Akindele in Black Val
• Rotimi Salami in Just Not Married
• Gabriel Afolayan in Something Wicked

• Best Supporting Actress (English)
• Nancy Isime in Hire a man
• Onyii Alex in Don’t fight it
• Helen Paul in Ghana Must go
• EniolaBadmus in Black Val
• Yvonne Jegede in The First Lady
• Adesua Etomi/ Ivie Okujaye-Egbon/Beverly Naya in Something Wicked

• Most Promising Actor
• Rotimi Salami in Just Not Married
• Steve Enagbare in Destiny Gate
• Bright Wonder in Fidelity
• Seun Ajayi in Studio

images-1• Most Promising Actress
• Princess Osayomwanbor Peters in Destiny Gate
• Gina Castle in Fidelity
• Ade Laoye in Studio
• Zainab Balogun in A Soldier’s Story

• Best Child Actor in Movie
• Daniel Udah in Opeyemi
• Tunde Babasola in D’ Wish

• Best Child Actress
• Pricilia Ojo in Black Val
• Neraya Akaboa in D’ Wish
• Angel Unigwe in Woeman

• Best Comedy of the Year
• Ghana Must Go
• Behind the Scenes
• The First Lady
• Just Not Married

images• Movie with the Best Social Message
• Voiceless Scream
• Leyin Ilekun
• For the Wrong Reasons
• Woeman

• Movie with the Best Special Effect
Icheke Oku
• Gbewiri Meta
• A soldier’s story
• Storm

• Movie with the Best Screenplay
• For the Wrong Reasons
• Hire a man
Icheke Oku
• Just Not Married
• Irawe Igbo
• Something Wicked
• Eni-Owo

• Best Short Film of the Year
• Opeyemi
• D’ wish
• Deeply Cut
• Pepper Soup
• Silence
• Homesick

images-4• Best Documentary of the Year
• Amaka’s kin
• D’ ability
• For you my son

• Best TV Series of the Year
• Lasgidi Cops (SCU)
• Studio
• 5ive
• Ayanfe mi

images-2• Movie with the Best Editing
• Ghana Must go
• Not Just Married
• Hire A man
• Eni-Owo
• Something Wicked

• Movie with the Best Sound Track
Icheke Oku
• Igbehinloju
• Irawe Igbo
• Ghana must go

Movie with the Best Production Design
• Irawe Igbo
• Yeye Oge
• Icheke Oku
• The First Lady
• Something Wicked

• Movie with the Best Cinematography
• A Soldier’s story
• Eni-owo
Icheke Oku
• Just Not Married
• Something Wicked

• Best Use of Nigerian Costume in a Movie
• Irawe Igbo
• Yeye Oge
Icheke Oku
• Keji
• Ghana must go

• Best Use of Make up in a Movie
Icheke Oku
• A Soldier’s story
• Storm
• Black Val

images-6• Movie of the Year
Icheke Oku
• Irawe Igbo
• A Soldier’s Story
• Something Wicked
• Eni-Owo

Director of the Year
• Aliu Gafar for Irawe Igbo
• Uduak-Obong Patrick for Not Just Married
EmekaAmakeze for Icheke Oku
• Desmond Elliot for Hire A Man
• Frankie Ogar for A Soldier’s Story
• Yemi Morafa for Something Wicked
• Adebayo Tijani/MuyiwaAdemola in Eni Owo

• Best Kiss in a Movie
• Gideon Okeke and Zhinnel Zhu in Anniversary
• Chelsea Eze and Mike Godson in Guy Next Door
• SeunAkindele and Mercy Aigbe in Victim
• Ik Ogbonna and Nancy Isime Hire A Man
• Enyinna Nwigwe and Zhinnel Zhu Hire A Man
• Omowumi Dada and Gabriel Afolayan in Something Wicked

• Revelation of the Year (female)
• Inem Peters
• Callista Okonkwo
• Mercy Macroe
• ChineyeUyanna
• BukkyAdeeyo
• Victoria Kolawole
• Bose Oladimeji
• Nkechi Sunday
Revelation of the year (Male)
• Mofe Duncan
• Sean Jimoh
• Poju Oparanti
• Wasiu Rafiu
• Jomiloju Olumbe
• Femi Remi

images-3Aimed at recognizing and promoting the best of films and filmmakers in Nigeria, the BON Awards, in less than one decade of its existence, has become the most authentic home grown platform honouring the richness and ingenuity of Nigerian cinema. This year’s edition shall be hosted by the Executive Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu.

Sometime in 1910: A man, Olaf Olavson Sold Himself!

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• The Plaintiff: The Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
• The Defendant: Olaf Olavson
• The Lawsuit: In 1910, Olavson was desperate for cash, so he sold his body to the Karolinska Institute (to be used for medical research after he died.) But in 1911 he unexpectedly inherited a fortune and decided to “buy himself back.” To his surprise, the institute wouldn’t cooperate. When Olavson flatly refused to donate his body, the institute actually sued for breach of contract.
• The Verdict: Not only did Olavson owe his body to the Institute . . . he actually owed them money as well. The judge decided that since he’d had two teeth removed without the Institute’s permission, Olavson had illegally tampered with their property.

Why I stopped smoking Igbo (marijuana)! – a true story:

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img-20161116-wa0004I halted my golf car to check on something. He, a guy in his late twenties approached me, shivering from the early morning burnings.  He conceded he had only taken four sticks of long cheap cigarettes as early as 7am. I pressed on and he disclosed he was actually mourning for the lost of some wraps of Igbo by a merchant who would always give him from the excesses; but for today nothing would come his way. Yet, his eyes said yes….

“Those in the clutches and grips of igbo are too many, but I tell God since it is like this, let us be!”

I nodded to his psalms and shook his hand. He widened his eyes and beheld a fellow. “Yeah! Ana m ata ata, na-elo elo” I slanged in vernacular meaning “I am a grandmaster in the marijuana smoking. I chew and swallow raw too” He clapped for me and beeped, “Nwanne idi ok!”

“Yes, I am a fellowed fellow; but on a good day like that that was actually not so good, I went to see my doctor. Or I didn’t know how or from where I came to him. I was most probably unconscious when a neighbour or two whisked me away to him. All the same, the diagnosis (x-tray) showed the chambers of my heart as dark as hell. Charred!

I mean charred like a coal!

He couldn’t hide his fears as he pointed at the body of my car and exclaimed, “That is as black as thissss naaa?” I said yes, even more.

“That is to say that mine is blacked and burnt too?” he feared.

“Death.” I said, “that spelt death.”

He momentarily forgot he was asking for some dough to catch a junk breakfast.  The doctor showed me a normal heart in a model and told me to go home. No prescription!

“Why???” he hurriedly queried.

“He told me to smoke more if I want to die soon; but I should not fail to stop by the hospital gate and pick my measurement from the casket makers for convenience”

“Jeeeeeesos!” he shouted, his eyes dilating and wobbling feverishly around the wet smokes in their pathetic sockets.

“Ma broda, he only say eat more fruits, good food and drink enough water over his shoulder as he left me as if I were already in the mortuary”.

He shrugged out some spells and stared.

Oh, I really forgot to ask for his name. However, I dug and brought out two green notes with the head of Sir Ahmadu Bello and gave him. He looked straight into my eyes, knelt down and looked to the heavens, “God if I don’t follow the advice of this man, just kill me please.” He then turned to the guy at the passenger’s side and told him to thank me for him. For, I also told him I was useless, hopeless and lifeless when I was smoking. I told him he can try quitting by taking lesser dosages while he observes his reactions and then stop, or just die like that.

I watched him go resolvedly as I told my friend that I do not know how Igbo really looks like; but that was why I had to stop smoking it!

You do not look down on people, unless you want to pull them up. Indeed, “I eat your language, I speak your food, and this is how I dress, for I am you.”
Remember beloved, that tobacco smokers are liable to die young!



Every Youth Must Read this Man…You don’t have to like him.

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It all started as freedom propaganda.
The lie was told so subtly that we didn’t notice.
To gain popularity, they convinced us that it was all about gender equality. Then they preached to us, saying it was a human rights and child rights agenda.
To draw the attention of women, they hid under Women Empowerment Campaigns.
We saw everything they did as part of civilization. Because of this, we applauded them and blindly sang their praises.
We were so blind that we did not notice when they went from equality to role reversal, and from ‘rights’ to ‘wrongs’. They told us it was all a matter of understanding. I mean, if she earns more than he does, why can’t she be the head while he submits?
They told us we had the right to our bodies. They told us that if the guys can do ‘it’ anytime with anybody, so can the girls. They introduced free love, and ‘friends with benefits’, and convinced us that we were just exercising our rights to enjoy our bodies. We agreed. Which youth wouldn’t?
When we complained about STDs, they introduced condoms, and even started sharing it to us free of charge in our secondary schools. They told us that
from the age of 16, we had the right to do whatever we wanted to. This made us to start seeing our parents and school teachers as toothless
bulldogs as they no longer had the right to discipline us. Talk of sweet freedom!
When we complained about teenage pregnancies, they told our parents to educate us about contraceptives as early as possible. Then they introduced the reformed sex education in our school as a guise to give us more condoms.
Some of us still got pregnant, and we complained yet again. So they decided to legalize abortions. This was in a bid to help us. You see, they really cared about our future, and wanted to ensure that we live a free life.
Abortion made sense to us. So we accepted it. I mean, why bring a child you don’t want or can’t take care of into the world? We felt a bit guilty because it seemed like murder. But they told us not to worry. According to them, what we were doing was merely taking out an unwanted foetus, and
not killing a child. Yet again, we accepted it, and got pacified.
They said that we weren’t supposed to be accountable to any deity, religion, our parents or the society. Next, they told us we had the freedom to do what we wanted with our lives, so far as we weren’t hurting other people or trampling on their rights.
Almost immediately, we stopped regarding God. We rather chose to play football, hang out, or watch
seasonal movies on Weekends.☺
We also decided to experiment with homosexuality. It seemed like fun, and they encouraged us.☺ When we told them that the society frowned against
our choice, they legalized it and told us we can get married too.
We decided to go further and experiment with drugs. They frowned against it publicly, but we still had access to it. Moreover, we were minors, and the law enforcement agents couldn’t really punish us.
We looked for role models and they gave us Hollywood stars with multiple divorce stories, musical icons addicted to drugs/alcohol, and sports stars with numerous extra marital affair scandals.
They told us, that those celebrities were successful and free and we should aspire to be like them. Some of us started pumping iron, getting tattoos, and injecting steroids in order to look as manly and as ‘successful’ as our role models.
We started seeing fidelity as a sign of weakness. And just like our ‘role-models’, we started going after everything in skirt.
We equally tore off pictures of our successful and ‘sexy’ looking role models off celebrity magazines, and pasted them on our mirrors. We started dieting
like mad so we can lose weight and look like them. We noticed that they hardly wore any clothes, so we followed suit.
When we became bored, they introduced us to their clubs and night parties.
They told us to throw caution to the winds and just have fun. Even when some of us got raped, they encouraged us to shut up and keep having fun.
Some of us became addicted to alcohol, but we were told not to worry that it was one way to prove our manhood, so we continued.
At a time we noticed that we had lost our will. We had become their slaves without knowing it. We noticed that we didn’t have any reason to live
again, and life was no longer purposeful.
In the bid to look sexy, some of us became victims of anorexia nervosa.
Those of us in relationships found it impossible to be faithful. Many started contemplating suicide. Many more had STDs. Some of us experienced series of psychological traumas and mental breakdowns. A lot more dropped out of school as a result of unwanted pregnancies, drugs, or an abortion that went wrong.
At this point we saw our future get dashed before our faces. We started looking for whom to blame. After a fruitless search, we had to admit that we didn’t even know who ‘they’ were. Then reality dawned on us.
We remembered our fathers telling us that “unlimited liberty is slavery in disguise”. We also remembered when our mothers told us that “freedom without checks and balances is tantamount to advanced bondage”. By then it was too late for us. We had bought ‘their’ freedom lie.
Maybe for you, it is not yet late. Then please don’t be deceived by their lies and evil propaganda. Do not be swayed by their subtle message of freedom.
They’re all lies! We can prove it with our relationships, drug addictions, unwanted pregnancies, violent tendencies etc.

Beware, and please let’s warn our youths and teenagers so the menace will not colonise all of this generation. Parent tears
*Com.Ayeni O. Israel(SANC) lamentingly Speaking


If you read, “Isi Akwụ Dara N’ala” and Other Igbo Classical Novels, comment and recommend!

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The following excerpt is from my new Igbo novel Ọgazị Amaka approved by the Anambra Ministry of Education and being read in many schools now. This is a step, a motion towards, for I have to join these great Igbo literary scholars of flames of fame!            

                    Okwu Mmalite

Onye obodo ya na-ekwe íjóm ya a na-ekwe íjòm, marakwa na o jirila aka ya gụpụ onwe ya n’ukwe. Ukwempete bụ egwu onye agbaghị n’ụkwụ o kwee n’isi. Asụsụ Igbo bụ a na-asụ ya asụ, a na-ede ya ede; ma ọ bụ onye na-atatụbeghị ijiji, bụ onye na-amaghị na ijiji nwere okpụkpụ. N’ezie, isụ asụsụ Igbo bụ otu ihe, idezi ya ede bụrụ ọnyịkọdọrọ!

Amalitere m ide Ọgazị Amaka n’afọ puku abụọ na iri na anọ, n’obodo Tamil Nadu dị na India. Ndị a nwere ndị dị oji na ndị dị ọcha. Ọtụtụ ndị ojii ha jikariri anyị n’oji; ma ihe jikọrọ ha, dị n’ire ha, dịka ihe awọ na mbara ji ama ntụ si dị ha n’afọ. Anụghị m ihe ha kwuru nke ha nụrụ nke m kara n’agbanyeghị n’ọtụtụ ụmụnwoke ha na-ama ọgọdọ ịwarịwacha, ndị nwanyị ana-eyị uwe meri amaka! Anyị kwee n’isi ka nkenu, aghọtaghị ihe ọ bụla, e fee aka ka ogbị ma ọ bụ asụọ bekee ole ọbụla a sụtara. Nke ka mkpa bụ na asụsụ bụ e jiri mara mba; asụsụ ha jukwara ha afọ.

Dịka mmiri si bụrụ ndụ azụ, otu ahụ ka asụsụ si bụrụ ndụ mba. Na ihe dị, ihe ọzọ dịkwa bụ ya bụ ụtọ ndụ. Asụsụ niile amakacha, mana Igbo bụ ya makarịchara! A sụta nke a, sụta nke ozo, ụwa anyị abụrụ kpakpankoro kpaankoro. Ma ojemba echefukwala ndụmọdụ enyere ọkụkọ na-akpa mkpa, na ihe ọkwa gwara ụmụ ya maka ji na mkpọrọgwụ ya. Ọ bụ ya ka m jiri kpara mkpịsịodee na akwụkwọ m wee nwere ije, na-echefughị na ọ nwere ebe m si.

Ndị be anyị, apia fechaa n’elu, ọ lata n’ala kpara nri. Onye ihe ọ bụ ejughị afọ, ihe o che na ọ bụ, agahịkwa eju ya. Ọgazị amaka, ma e jighị ya agọ mmụọ. Ị bụrụkwa egbene, kwaa akwa, Ị bụrụ nnekwu yie akwa!

Igbo bụ Igbo mmammanụ o,

Nke onye chiri, ya zere!




A na m ekele Ékè kere ụwa, Onye si n’ọwụwa anyanwụ kee Igbo. Chi ekewo m, a bụ m onye Igbo! Ndewo Chi Okike maka ahia n’anọ: Eke na-eketara anyị ihe ọma, Orie eyeere anyị ihe Eke ketara; ihe ọma ihe ọma ka Afọ ji afọjụrụ anyị ụkpa kwa izu, Nkwọ ewee kwọrọ anyị ka ike ghara ịgwụ anyị wee ruo Eke ọzọ! Anyị ga-adị ka echi niihina echi anaghị agwụagwụ.

Ndị mụrụ m, Maazị Ọssaị Amakeze (Okwudiile) na nne m ọma, Ijeọma Amakeze (Ọdikachọrọ), unu sụụrụ m Igbo gboogboo m wee mara asụ. Emeka Amakeze, m tuo gị Ezeigbo, ịza. Ọ kwa gị, ji asụsụ Igbo awa okwu agba na Nollywood. Onye Igbo sụkarịrị ndị bekee na bekee. Biko, kelere m ụmụnne m na ndị ụmụnna m.

Ndị nne m ochie na ndị nna m ochie leenụ m n’ala maka na onye maara nna ya, ahụla ndị gboo. Ndị mbụ na ndị egede: Ọlaụdah Equianọ, Fredrick Chidozie Ogbalu, Tony Ubesie, Cyprain Ekwensi…, onye ka a ga-akpọ ghara ibe ya. Fada Rich Ekegbo, Patrick Umezi (Nze), na Maazị Otti Chigọzie kelerenụ m ndị ọzọ, na ndị ụkọchukwu ibe m, niihina ọ bụ be ete, ka e si eje be nkwụ. Nnukwu ụkọchukwu m, Chukwuemeka Ezeokafor nara ụkpa ekele. N’ezie, a naghị agha isi aka agba ụrịo.

Anambra Steet, obodo ọma nke Naịjiria, aka na-eti ịgba maka ọdịmma gị na ụmụ gị, kụrụ gawa, ịgba ya awala, aka ya ejila. Akanaachị obodo Anambra ekele m gị, chịrị gawa na ọ bụ onye bu uzo ka egwu na-eso, onye jikwanụ igu ka ewu na-eso.

Ma ka a na-ekele ndị gbara egwu ka a na-ekele ndị kụrụ egwu; na-ekelekwa mgbada kwere ka e jiri akpụkpa ya kwee ịgba. Gị, onye ọma m ji eme ọnụ na-agụ akwụkwọ a, ekele nke gị kacha. Onye nke gị mekwara gị!

                                 Ositadimma Amakeze (Nzudinobieze)

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