Blazes & Buzzzes of The Muse
Blazes & Buzzzes of The Muse

Blazes & Buzzzes of The Muse

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“I feel the strength of your wisdom and benevolence. Thank you also for your stories- I took delight and inspiration in the sheer elemental nature of all its colours and insight. Some soaring lines that elevate the spirit.”

Scott Hastie Hertfordshire, United Kingdom “The Blazes & Buzzes of the Muse is worthy food for thought.

A clean mirror of life and vicissitudes, that desire perusal by all who are literally ahead.” Ukachukwu Okorie AfricaWorld Newspaper Ireland “This is one poet whose lines buzz!

They are not silent and when your head doesn’t get them, your feelings somehow do.” Su’eddie Vershima Agema Writer/Vice Chairman Association of Nigerian Authors Benue State “I have read several of Ositadimma’s poems lately. Lucky me! His poetic voice amazes me.

The fluent language paints colourful images inside the reader. I feel like having a divine gourmet meal, both taste, flagrance and mood are present. Indeed a precious gift from Africa!” Ingrid Gjelsvik, Norway “Amakeze has without one modicum of doubt done something that I lack the right words to describe.

I can only attempt to say that his writing style is a fine blend of purity and the subliminal. His work is reminiscent of poets that made bold statements during the Renaissance era but again, he oscillates between the subtle methods of the Baroque era and the bold approach of the Byzantine era, which leaves you wondering how to assimilate his style. The beautiful thing about his poetry is likened to a classical composer who takes human emotions and dissolves them in musical notes. A must read for true lovers of literature.”

Linc D. T. Edochie Nollywood Star


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